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Dan E. Jossen

Resident In Counseling

Certified Relationship Coach

I am a trained teacher who loves applying my skill and knowledge to help couples achieve their goals. My approach to coaching is to empower clients to live their best lives together. I have a knack for connecting with people and helping clients work through complex challenges with a skill building approach. Relying on my background in education and finance, I partner with clients to achieve tangible goals. 

My coaching helps couples address communication, conflict resolution, sex/intimacy, parenting (if applicable), and finances by exploring shared values and value differences.  We have created a curriculum that pulls from works such as The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and The Five Love Languages. In relationships it is imperative our partners believe they are understood. This often serves as the foundation for continued growth and skill building throughout the relationship. I take the perspective of “first, seek to understand. Then, seek to be understood.”


I also integrate concepts related to intentional behavior change to help couples deepen their intimacy. My desire is to empower you to build the relationship you want through goal setting and realistic planning. Our time together will be interactive and engaging. I do not lecture! I coach in a way that is purposeful and will orient you toward growth. You have to do the work! I will be there with you. 

I incorporate resources such as "How to Change," "Atomic Habits," "The Ethical Slut: A Guide to Infinite Sexual Possibilities," "When Someone You Love Is Kinky," and "Mating in Captivity to create a dynamic experience for couples who want to work toward action-oriented and forward-looking relational goals.

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