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Allie L. Swanson


As a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor, I work with people who are dealing with a variety of challenges and psychological issues. We can all develop patterns of thought and behavior which can hurt and be too painful to deal with alone.  I can help you work through these challenges so you can heal and move forward.  

In session, we'll focus on your journey.  I want to give you time to share.  My approach tends to be a little slower to provide space for you to notice feelings that might not have time to be processed in your daily routine.  I'll use an eclectic approach that incorporates therapeutic theories, mindfulness strategies and somatic work. 


I like the metaphor that Jamaal uses to describe the therapeutic relationship: life can feel like going for a hike at night, but your therapist can join you on the trail with another flashlight.  Hopefully a little extra light will help you find your path forward.  

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