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Johnetta N. Sam


I am a Clinician-in-Training at the University of The District of Columbia, under the supervision of Jamaal A. Crone, M.Ed., MAR, LPC. I aspire to promote mental wellness and stability in the clients that I serve.


My goal is to be a culturally competent counselor who utilizes a variety of clinical interventions to meet the needs of my clients. I utilize a variety of approaches to counseling including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and mindfulness practices. I strongly believe that counseling consists of a collaborative relationship that promotes positive change from a strengths-based perspective. I have experience working with youth as well as adults who battle with various mental health disorders.


In my free time, I enjoy traveling, vlogging, reading, and engaging in community service. I make sure that I also engage in self-care practices on a regular basis. I love a relaxing spa day filled with pampering and peace.

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