Tyler Strusowski


As an art therapist I am an artist first. I have been making art my whole life. I identify as a mixed-media artist, which means I use a variety of art materials to express ideas or concepts. I usually work on canvas or wood with metal leaf, acrylic paints, broken glass and collage materials, and I stay current with my art because I feel that it informs my work as a clinician. I came into my career as an art therapist late, towards middle age and I have a diverse past professional background, which was its own training towards mastering the art of the interpersonal.


I am a registered art therapist (ATR) with the Art Therapy Credentials Board, and I am a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor (LGPC) in the District of Columbia under the supervision of Mary Ellen Ruff, ATR-BC, LPC.  As an art therapist I work with individuals and I specialize in group therapy.


I take a strengths-based approach in my therapeutic work while also incorporating psychodynamic concepts. I was trained in trauma-focused art therapy and I tend to see personality through a developmental perspective. I think we are all the result of how we adapted to our past environments and experiences. Therapeutic work with me is about taking those personal adaptations that are working well for you and building upon them, while taking the adaptations that are not working so well and finding a constructive outlet for them.

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