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Natalia P. Gomez


As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I work with individuals and groups managing a variety of difficulties including phase of life issues, anxiety, depression, substance use disorder, and more. I approach our relationship and collaborative work from a strengths-based, person-centered, psychodynamic perspective, as well as the lens of relational-cultural theory and its emphasis on societal forces, power differentials, and the power of human connection to increase and solidify personal resilience and interpersonal comfort and competence.


I utilize Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Mindfulness to address and invigorate emotional resilience and distress tolerance. Ultimately, I strive to connect authentically with every piece of you, to revitalize your sense of self and innate value. Our work will pursue growth, not only through continuous internal self-reflection, but also through external curiosity and inquisition, exploration, unpacking, and elucidation of the integral connections between current  past experiences and relationships.


Problematic or unwanted behaviors, feelings, and symptoms are formidably embedded, powerfully reinforced, and deeply buried self-preserving functions. I aim to work with you to understand how these nuanced and adaptive personal constructs underlie and guide your behavior. Such profound insight is elusive, but perpetual work to deepen and expand it is vital to healthy adjustment, transformation, and life satisfaction.

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