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Madison Gregory 

I am currently a Licensed Professional Counselor in DC.


I like to focus on the whole person, and incorporate positivity as much as possible. In addition, I think it is important to consider the individual as the expert in their own lives. Because of this, I also integrate Narrative Therapy into my work, which allows individuals to tell, alter, and make sense of their own story from their point of view. Both forms of therapy make room for individuals to integrate their personal narrative into their schema, helping them to become “unstuck” in certain points in their life.


One of my passions and specialties is working with individuals who have had challenging experiences in the past. I enjoy helping individuals understand and make sense of their experiences. I try my best to cultivate a supportive, safe environment for my clients by building trust through counselor-client relationship, and teaching positive coping skills, mindfulness, and grounding techniques to help individuals handle stressful and anxiety provoking situations.


In our sessions, you will find me engaging and listening intently to your story. I tend to be relaxed and casual, while also trying to pull on your strengths and empower you to break through molds that may be preventing growth and personal development.