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Helpful Resources

 It is important to have and know resources which can be helpful in strengthening the work done in therapy.  We have carefully chosen literature which is easy to read and enhances ones own awareness of self outside of therapy.  This list is not comprehensive and consists only of resources we have utilized with clients, ourselves, and which have been strongly recommended by our colleagues in therapy.   


Identity is of utmost importance when seeking wellness.  It is, perhaps, the number one reasons individual [and couples] seek therapy.  While there are countless books which look at sexuality and identity formation, some of our favorites include:

The Color of Water-James McBridge

Love is an Orientation-Andrew Marin

Black Cool: One Thousand Streams of Blackness-Rebecca Walker

Go Tell It On The Mountain-James Baldwin

God Believes in Love-Bishop Gene Robinson

The Velvet Rage-Alan Downs

Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together-Beverly Tatum

Tell Me How It Ends-Valeria Luiselli

Behold the Dreamers-Imbolo Mbue

Brene Brown

Brene Brown happens to be one of our favorite clinical researchers. Her work on 'shame' and 'guilt' it relevant, easy to read, and has a huge impact on personal growth.  She also has a number of great TedTalks.  Our favorite reads include: 

Daring Greatly

The Gifts of Imperfections

The Power of Vulnerability

C.S. Lewis

Although known for The Chronicles of Narnia, the works and words of C.S. Lewis are extremely therapeutic in nature.  Less well known, yet amazing works include:

The Problem of Pain

The Four Loves

The Great Divorce

Increased Motivation

Books helpful for general thought & increased motivation can enhance therapeutic work done in session.  These books provide great "food for thought" and challenge us to look inward for growth:

The Four Agreements-Don Miguel Ruiz

A Testament of Hope:  The Essential Writing and Speeches of MLK

The Five Love Languages-Gary Chapman

Thinking Fast and Slow-Daniel Kahneman

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